Tub and Shower Enclosure

A Frameless shower enclosure with either 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass is only one of Ashe Glass & Mirror’s specialties. We provide and install everything from the simplest framed pivot door and bi-pass sliders to more popular frameless heavy glass units. The combination of our excellent workmanship and use of the highest quality material ensures you will have an enclosure of elegance and class that you will enjoy and admire for many years to come.

We design and build each enclosure to each of our client’s needs. And with glass and hardware options, you can customize your enclosure to be as unique as you are.

While investing in a new enclosure, be sure to ask us about ClearShield ®. With an amazing 10 year warranty, this revolutionary addition to the industry prevents the old water spots and calcium build up of years past. Keep your enclosure looking as new as the day it was installed!